WATCH: Tim Paris – ‘Rain’ (feat. Coco Solid)

French born musical extraordinaire, Tim Paris, released his latest track, Rain, earlier this month, capitalising on his signature metallic new wave disco noir, simply put Rain is a musical wonder. The track features guest vocals from Kiwi musician, writer and artist, Jessica Lee Hansell, acclaimed on her home-turf and abroad, her sultry, rapturous vocals are the perfect fit for the track.

Paraded with slick electronic rhythms and pounding anthemic beats, Paris has created a soundscape not too dissimilar from what M83 have established as their niche. It’s provocative and haunting indie melancholy at it’s best, the track exudes assurance and confidence, it’s easy to see why Paris is held in such esteem by the musical world. 

‘Rain’ is out now.

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