The day is finally getting closer to the release date of Bristol’s finest, Britpop, psych, shoegazing newcomers, TOWNS début record. Get By see’s the foursome create a spaced out suburban escapism that combines the experimental guitar sounds and DIY aesthetics of psych and shoegaze with the melodies of 60s and 90s guitar pop.

TOWNS are a band that exude that whole-hearted optimism and newfangled sense of purpose that comes akin with new bands, which only adds to the vitality and adrenaline rush to which their début provides. There’s a vibrancy and urgency that explodes and malingers through the record, particularly prevalent in the tracks, Young At Heart, Trip Over and opener, Get Me There. The soundscape of the record is as full of contrast and enthusiasm as you’d expect from this band. Coloured with tantalising melancholy, brash shades of Britpop, trippy psych moments and foggy shoegaze melodies, it’s everything you could wish for and more.

Title track, Get By, opens us up to the shimmering world of introspection that lies in anguish throughout the record. It’s an invigorating, all-consuming track that rides on a fine line of dusky tormented melancholy. A masterpiece that is best enjoyed at full volume. TOWNS début represents the British music scene in all its pride and glory, a kaleidoscopic mash-up of genres and a penchant to hark back to musical periods of yesteryear. TOWNS have successfully brought an elegance and confidence to their début that mainly fail to attain on their first outing. They clearly have a plan set in place, to storm the hearts and minds of music fans everywhere and to shake things up a little bit, and I think, if anything this début will surely try its best to accomplish that for them.

TRACK LISTING: 1- Get Me There, 2- Marbles, 3- Trip Over, 4- Gone Are The Days, 5- Just Everything, 6- Too Tired, 7- Young At Heart, 8- Interlude, 9- Heads Off, 10- Mirror Ghost, 11- Everyone’s Out, 12- Get By

Get By is to be released on 2nd June. Pre-order links for the limited edition vinyl or CD.

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