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FUTURE HYPE: Quentin’s Basement – ‘Parka’

Quentin’s Basement, if you aren’t already familiar with them, are a four piece from Leeds, their origin is the all too familiar “We met at school, we were good mates and we decided to start a band” scenario but don’t let their back story fool you, all the best things in life come from the simplest of beginnings. Although, the origin of their band name is a little more unique.

‘Quentin’ being the nickname of choice given to drummer, Tom Hawran, by his fellow bandmates, quickly caught on and after finding that they were spending a lot of time rehearsing in his basement. The realisation came that is was the obvious choice for their band name and so Quentin’s Basement was born. After raking up quite the fan following in their hometown of Leeds and in various other cities across Yorkshire, they are looking to finally spread their wings a little further afield and venture forth to the rest of the UK. Hopefully it won’t be too long before this actually becomes a reality because I can certainly say Quentin’s Basement are a band not to be missed.

Quentin’s Basement have a sound that easily resembles early Arctic Monkeys, coupled with a good dose of swagger and honest lyricism that harks back to the authentic rough-around-the-edges colloquialism of  The Streets and you’re on to a winning combination. Now after a prolonged respite of no new releases, the band are back and ready to finally drop their new single, Parka, along with two new b-sides on 6th June 2014.

Parka parades in its raw form, oozing Quentin’s signature danceable rhythms and Talbot’s pleasing yet assertive vocals. The track is much more aggressive than what we’ve come to expect to this band, first off you’re instantly greeted with a simultaneous fumbling on the drum and bass, instantly the vocal kicks in and submerges you into a sonic overload of indie goodness. Parka has an instantaneous loveable quality to it, it’s direct and it’s brash and that’s exactly what you want from an indie track. The following tracks, Chasing Skirt and Roxie both are solid efforts about girls, and making bad decisions.

Roxie is the perfect example of what makes Quentin’s Basement so great, with it’s smart, quick-witted lyricism, surging guitars and bouncy rhythm. It’s 2 minutes of glorious high energy indie. Chasing Skirt also has that quick-wit that will re-assuredly make you smile, along with simpering groove laden guitars, confident bass line and infectious melodies. You can’t fault it.

‘Parka’ is out 6th June.

Tracklisting: 1- Parka, 2- Chasing Skirt, 3- Roxie

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