Introducing: KALANDRA

When it comes to defining Kalandra, they are not a band that I’d like to box in, but if I had to describe their sound completely. I’d say that they make alternative folk rock but with a twist, bringing in Norse and Celtic heritage and folklore to spruce their sound up and make it that much eerier and powerful. Think First Aid Kit meets Kate Bush. Their sound is very pure, sometimes delicate and calming, but also at times dark and fantastical. But nonetheless dreamy. They are a band to get really excited about.

Kalandra are set to release their new AA-Side single on 28th April, consisting of the brilliantly fiery, folk rock Nordic epic that is Onto The Fire, along with the wonderfully mellow, acoustic ballad, Rest Your Soul. Both of which you can stream below till your hearts content and also don’t forget to watch the mesmerising, majestically glacial video for their last single, Not Some Fairytale, here and watch out for the surprise at the end. Tinged with sweeping melodies, arresting vocals and playful yet at times unnerving arrangements, Kalandra will undoubtedly leave you breathless and enchanted from the first listen.

Kalandra are: Andreas Voie Juliebø – Drums, Hamish Gore – Bass, Jogeir Mæland – Guitar, Florian Winter – Guitar, Helen Morrisson – Piano and vocals and Katrine Stenbekk – Vocals.

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