EP Review: Ny Oh – ‘Ny Oh’

Kiwi singer/songwriter, Ny Oh (aka. Naomi Ludlow), just recently released her début self-titled EP, Ny Oh. She is gaining lots of adoring fans, as she steadily gains momentum on the London circuit. She is set to start the Oceania leg of her tour, touring across Australia and New Zealand, later this month before she heads back to London for a couple of big shows.

The EP features a variety of self-penned tracks, each have their own sparkle to them, ranging from stripped back acoustic numbers to upbeat, spit-fire acoustic hip hop beats Ed Sheeran style. Ny Oh’s début is anything but dull, her lyricism continues to strike lightning on even the dullest of days, her quirky personality shines through each track and ultimately, after listening to this EP, you can’t help but leave with a smile on your face, it’s uplifting, it’s refreshing and most importantly, very entertaining.

Track one, Bell Street and Paine, is a delicately emotional track, with just as much punch targeted at her ex to say “yeah, I’m better off now, thanks for asking”, it’s just enough to tug at the old heart strings. Her ability to play on your emotions really is cleverly done, just enough to make you think maybe we’re looking at another Taylor Swift. Ny Oh does similarly have that passion and strength to her that echoes that of Miss Swift. Take for example the opening lyric: “If I could go back to two years ago when we met, I think I’d punch you in the face without a hint of regret because I know down the line it would’ve saved me some time” it stings doesn’t it? 

Moving on to Crimson Tree, we are graced with a lighter side to Ny Oh, a storytelling track about a girl as she travels around the city and settles beneath a crimson tree, as the track unravels the girl falls madly and deeply in love with a mysterious stranger, it’s a sweet track that is like a pot full of honey. Ny Oh has a sensibility like that of Vanessa Carlton, to bring out the beauty in every day situations and relationships, through her lyricism, a trait that is rare to come across but so sweet to experience.

Track three, If You Need Me, Love, is a sickly sweet love song and I couldn’t make me more happy. The lyrics just sit warmly in her voice, a comforting and touching song that shines on the EP, definitely a highlight. Her vocal speaks to the core of your soul, igniting a deep connection with the listener and the song, you feel that what she’s singing about is personal to you also, which is very rare trait for a song to achieve.

Final track, Ny Oh, has all the spice and charm that you’ve come to expect from Ny Oh, a real nod to the stylings of Ed Sheeran. A song that couldn’t be more personal, it’s about her journey moving from New Zealand to London and everything that comes along with trying to make your dreams come true.It’s a fun, carefree track that makes you think why haven’t I heard of Ny Oh before? 

Track Listing: 1- Bell Street and Paine, 2- Crimson Tree, 3- If You Need Me, Love, 4- Ny Oh

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