EP REVIEW: Twin Hidden – ‘Make / Shift’

London based duo/quintet, Twin Hidden are just about to drop their début EP, entitled Make / Shift and in true Twin Hidden style, they have created a piece of art. Like many other bands that have gone before them, Twin Hidden are firmly asserting their unique sound with this new release. The Make / Shift EP features five indie pop songs in their purest form, lovingly made and carefully crafted. This EP is truly remarkable for a début, this band have a clear vision and they nailed it on its head.

If you’re a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club and/or Slow Club, then chances are you’ll love Twin Hidden and their bashful, vibrant indie pop. The EP is brimming with orchestral notes and heavenly strings, only complimented by it’s organic arrangements, enchanting vocals and luxuriously hypnotising piano notes. Twin Hidden’s sound is anything but hollow, it’s enveloping quality submerges you into a world made up of sugary sweet lollipops and candy floss (at least with Twin Hidden you won’t feel guilty for listening to them whereas with the latter you definitely will feel guilty). Their music is luxuriously warm and conforming, you feel a real sense of pride when listening to tracks, it becomes clear that this band really care about the music they produce and they have spent a lot of time perfecting their sound, which only makes the listening experience more profound and enjoyable.

Creativity runs through their veins, you only need to watch their music videos to know that, this band are really special and I only hope that they achieve more well deserved attention from this new release. For a taster of what to expect from the EP, watch the video below and click here for more tracks if that has wet your appetite, but how can it not have? Seriously.

TRACK LISTING: 1- A Berry Bursts, 2- Plastic Roses, 3- Paper Unicorn, 4- She Never Played Guitar, 5-. Unconditionally

The Make /Shift EP will be released on April Fool’s Day (1st April) so make sure you grab a copy and most importantly, enjoy the good music!

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