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SONG OF THE WEEK: The Darlingtons – ‘Rotations’

Somerset based four piece, The Darlingtons have just released their latest single, entitled Rotations. This band are quickly becoming one of the UK’s most treasured and talked about live acts, with their raucous live shows and unmistakably powerful  alt rock charged melancholy, they are just the band to get you hyped about the music scene here in Britain just in time for festival season to start.

Rotations see’s the band owning their sound even more, a confident, ballsy melancholy fuelled track that will light the fire in your belly and supercharge you for anything that life throws at you.This is a band that are destined to be heard on a large scale and we all know it, it’s just a matter of time before this becomes a reality. The track revels in it’s closing moments building to a crescendo of crashing drums, pulsing guitars and a lyric that just won’t quit, as Roy croons “build me up, break me down and pray for the rain again”, sending you into a sort of trance with its hypnotic pull and transcendent beauty, only a thing that The Darlingtons could bring out in someone. It’s moments like this that make you so happy to be a music fan, it just justifies that real music is still out there and it can be found and it’s really special.

You’ll be able catch them playing alongside all of the best new and upcoming talent at Bristol’s Dot to Dot Festival and Brighton’s Great Escape, so it’s already looking sunny for this band even if the weather hasn’t started to express that yet and also they’ve been long-listed as one of the lucky bands chosen for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition, so good luck to them with that. They are currently in the mist of a huge spate of touring, this band live for the road, they are just started the Scottish leg of the tour last night, so things are all go in camp Darlington. If you are one of those people that love a good physical copy, like I do, you can purchase a copy of the Rotations EP here, which also includes previous single, Don’t Give Me Hope and B-Side, Contagious Courageous. Lovely stuff.

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