Introducing: H A R T E B E E S T

UK based, producer duo H A R T E B E E S T with their début single, death., created something really special and it immediately earned them praise from the blogosphere internationally. The duo just yesterday dropped their follow up, entitled Drums, premièring on The Line Of Best Fit.

Drums is a synth pop anthem that is as dreamy as Ryan Gosling, I appreciate that not everyone reading this will associate with this analogy and so I say for the boys, it’s as dreamy as Megan Fox. Have I got your attention yet? Good.

Filled to the brim with a visceral spectrum of sparse atmospherics, sparkling kaleidoscopic textured synths, all delicately resting on a rousing falsetto. Drums is a bold pop track that submerges you in a starry eyed world with a deeply intense vocal and sweet hooks, it’s just crying out for radio play, Radio 1, wake up!! And do I dare to mention the stunning lyricism of the track, it’s as addictively catchy as could you could wish for, the stand out lyric for me has to be: “you are the lyrics to your favourite songs”. For a band that are still in their infancy, H A R T E B E E S T truly have it down, it’s just a matter of time before more people pick on this.

H A R T E B E E S T have built on the recent and continued success of indie synth pop stalwarts, Broken Bells and previously featured faves here at Bitter Sweet Symphonies, LA’s Carousel and are equally making their mark in the industry, just as their musical peers have done before them. H A R T E B E E S T continue to take it one step further with each new release.

H A R T E B E E S T are quickly becoming electro pop trendsetters, with the excitement and anticipation growing for what will they do next, only time will tell if they can break though from the shackles of ‘internet fame’ and charge into mainstream conciousness, but with killer song after killer song, they surely have the right ingredients and ability to do just this. 

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