Indie pop duo/quintet, Twin Hidden have just recently released their latest single, Unconditionally, and the music video to that, it’s quite simply a sensory spectacle of motion and feeling, which you can’t help but get lost in.

The video provides a parallel to the song but it also juxtaposes the slight rhythm  and ethereal quality of the song with it’s uncontrollable spinning motion that for anyone with motion sickness or vertigo it could easily send them a full 360 degrees. The video is an artsy, dreamy montage, the dancers sit, lie and run around this rotating disk as they spin uncontrollably around in a whizzing motion, enough to send you in a spinning haze for a second or two. Having said that, it’s stunningly produced and aesthetically it’s very pleasing to the eye, a cinematographers dream.

The band talking about the video say that the inspiration stems from childhood: “When I was a young man (4), I loved to settle down in front of the washing machine and watch the suds and soiled garments revolve for hours on end – a simpler time. We hope the music video for our second single, Unconditionally, brings just a little bit of that magic back to life”.

Minimal instrumentation gradually turns into a melodious, fuller sound with the introduction of jazz infused piano, classical and operatic at times intertwined with delicate guitar chords which rest perfectly with Shribman vocals and Lea’s harmonies. The complexity of their vision and simplicity of their songs make for a great combination. To me, this band don’t just want to create music, they want to create a sensory experience and something of meaning, it’s clear that everything they do is grounded in artistic integrity, they are true game changers in that respect and I can’t wait to see where it leads them.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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