Broken Hands Introduce Their Silver Landing Program

Canterbury’s blues rock four piece, Broken Hands are set to have a meteoric year in 2014, with their new concept project Silver Landing Program, which see’s the band rise to even greater heights. Their new music is more adventurous and richer in size and scope than anything that we’ve heard from them before, the band have found their sound and aren’t afraid to shout about it. Having just released a new demo this week, a track entitled My Orbit Changes Everyday, clearly it’s a big track, featuring Norton’s signature warbles, reverb drenched guitars, vicious drums and growling bass grooves, it is the start of something special.

It becomes clear that not only are they a force to be reckoned with, with a back catalogue of solid tunes to their name and lots more to come, a tight live set, they are one of the best new bands to come out of the UK in a long while. Silver Landing Program sparks a slight change of direction for the band, taking a more conceptualised approach to the new music, being that they have been heavily inspired by the idea of space and space flight. Looking at the metaphor of taking off and coming back down, essentially inspired by travel whether that be interplanetary travel or otherwise. The band made a little video introducing what Silver Landing Program is all about, which you can check out below.

After playing a sold out home-town show earlier this month, Broken Hands are set to play two back-to-back nights at The Miller in London next month before heading to America for the first time in March to play SXSW Festival. With a bucket load of newly penned songs under their belt, it’s an exciting time in the Broken Hands camp at the minute and I can’t wait to hear more from them. With the promise of a bigger UK tour on the horizon after their stint in the US, and a début record, things are just about to start for this band.





To purchase tickets for the London show and for everything Sliver Landing Program click here.

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