ALBUM REVIEW: Mono Town – ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’

Icelandic three piece, Mono Town, released their début album, In The Eye Of The Storm, earlier this week exclusively via Deezer. The band having already found success streaming their last two singles through Deezer, achieving nearly a million streams in just the space of two months, thus they decided to radicalise the way they release their début and follow the same path. Their début record is also available on limited edition vinyl, and mp3 from all good music retailers. One things for sure is that their début record proves to be just as enticing as their previous singles.

Mono Town are a band that are hard to define, which is great in my eyes because it means that they have so much to offer to the listener, their music ranging from the Brit Pop inspired, Jackie O, think Oasis mingled with Elbow, they are definitely on to something here for sure, to the more chilled out, ambient tracks like Far Away and Americana orchestral epics like Peacemaker. This track feels like what it must have felt like to hear The Beatles in their early days, and it doesn’t hurt that it sounds like its come straight off a soundtrack from a Hollywood western. Mono Town are nothing if not masters of grandeur, they have a finesse to their sound that is difficult to achieve, you can hear they have put the work in and it sounds so good, Mono Town are a band that know what they wanted to achieve and have done so.

Title track, In The Eye Of The Storm, defines Mono Town clearly as a musical force to be revered. Submerging the listener fully in into their world, the opening 30 seconds of the track feels like something you’d hear from another Icelandic band, Sigur Ros, soothing and calming with it’s subtle instrumentation and heavenly harmonies. The track then takes an unexpected turn and moves deeper into their world unleashing a plethora of sounds that surge and pulse with soaring guitar riffs and effervescent strings. A real treat for the ears. You can tell from this track that there is a real emphasis on musicianship and creating music that is powerful and that speaks to the listener.

Mono Town’s music is filled with warm tones, bursting with orchestral symphonies and sweetly defiant vocals from singer, Bjarki Sigurdsson. Showing that their not ones for sitting on their laurels, the band took to producing the record themselves, choosing to record the album in their home town of Reykjavik, then travelling to New York to be mixed by the Grammy Award Winning mixer, Michael Brauer.

Mono Town have produced a rousing, visceral début, that stands proudly in its versatility and multi faceted influences, one that I’m sure will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Tracklisting: 1- In The Eye Of The Storm, 2- I See, 3- Jackie O, 4- Peacemaker, 5- Two Bullets, 6- Yesterday’s Feeling, 7- The Deed Is Done, 8- Place The Sound, 9- No More (Shall I Fear You), 10- Far Away, 11- Can Deny

In The Eye Of The Storm is available to purchase now from all good music retailers. For more info on the band, check out the following links below:

Website . Facebook . Twitter . Deezer

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