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SONG OF THE WEEK: NO MONSTER CLUB – ‘(I Think You Could Only Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun’

Irish indie pop trio, No Monster Club, just recently released their latest LP, Foie Gras and just in time for Christmas might I add. I know a little late on posting about this, but why not treat yourself now, it’s perfect if your feeling the post-Christmas blues, you’ll be dancing around your house aimlessly in no time to their insanely catchy indie pop. If you’re a fan of The Drums or Vampire Weekend, then you should be really happy about this band.

No Monster Club are Bobby Aherne (lead vocals, guitar and basically any other instrument you can think of), Mark Chester (bass, vocals) and Paddy Hanna (drums, vocals) and the featured song, (I Think You Could Only Get Away With This Carry On When You’re In) The Sun, is taken off their latest LP, Foie Gras, which if you want to you can buy here.

The song itself is nothing less than a shot of pure energy and a burst of fun, think The Muppets on steroids. It’s an insanely catchy tune, that will have you singing along in no time, it will be stuck in your head for days and I couldn’t be more happier about that, what a great song it is. If you were looking for a band to get insanely addicted to then look no further, No Monster Club are what you’ve been looking for.

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