There are many acoustic folk singer/songrwiters around these days just waiting to be heard, if you just give them a chance and I have to say that Liam McClair is definitely one of the most exciting singer/songwriters that I have come across recently.

After releasing his début EP, How, earlier this year, he has steadily been gaining lots of attention and in the process a devoted fanbase. Not to mention, that he also got the honour of being one of the artists playlisted at Manchester United’s football ground, meaning that his song, How, got played to a whole stadium full of people at half time, not bad, eh? Understandably, a big moment for any artist, but a huge feat for an unsigned artist.

What you immediately notice about Liam’s music is that it is very uplifting and melodious, especially the title track of his début EP, How. His songwriting is something to be really proud of too, you just can’t help but smile at some of the lyrics, which is always a good sign of a great song, “how do I enchant this girl, she seems like she’s from another world, she’s so lovely and oh my days, makes all my worries just float away”.

His soulful tone, very Michael Bublé esque, in my opinion, a sweet, smooth honey-like vocal. Liam’s latest track, Time With You, is again a really superb piece of music, with a soft, slow turning melody that is as comforting as a warm hug, it gradually builds with delicate piano notes and stirring vocals into a heartwarming, Christmassy world, which you can hear here. Check out a live video below of his song, Rough Waters, taken from his début EP.

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