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HYPE OF THE DAY: Viola Beach

Warrington based indie pop band, Viola Beach are pretty awesome.  For fans of Swim Deep, JAWS and Cave Painting, then Viola Beach are right up your street. Their début EP is available to stream on soundcloud here, so check that out for sure.

With a plethora of guitar driven indie pop songs, they are on track to turn a lot of heads, their music is melodious and passionate. Latest track, Coo’s Song, sparks a step up for the band, it has to be the stand out for me. A song that grows from humble roots, before reaching stirring momentum around the 2 minute 30 mark, when the vocals kick in. The song hits its stride and surges with luscious indie goodness.

But its primary strength, is its growing intensity and surging melodies, striking an uncanny resemblance to Wolf Alice’s Blush in it’s instrumentation, which I won’t grumble about, after all it’s another great song. They have a great sound that is sure to get them noticed in no time and with a new single coming very soon, entitled Stay, which should be released sometime in December, Viola Beach are only just beginning.

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  1. Not only is there music amaizng but the band are lovely and charming people. Having seen and met them twice, I can easily say they’re one of my favourite bands for both music and character.

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