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SONG OF THE WEEK: Eden Mulholland – ‘Mekong Delta’

New Zealand native, Eden Mulholland, now based in Melbourne, Australia, is a real musical genius, who’s known for bending the rules and defying genres. His multifaceted experiemental indie pop is just as refreshing as the clear blue pools that envisage his surroundings.

His contemporary dance background inspired him to create music that is challenging and creative, and his latest single, Mekong Delta is no exception to that, combining that element of dance within the music video also, which you can see below. He takes electronic sounds and melds them into something new and different, also on top of that he takes orchestral melodies which produce a sound that can’t be rivalled by any other musician, a revelry of artistry and a celebration of music.

His sound is so expansive and cinematic that you get lost in the music, making it feel more than just music, it’s sensory, it encompasses life, his music is powerful. The song itself, Mekong Delta, is a thing of beauty, one that is craving for international radio play, it’s effortless melding of different sounds and vocals make it really stand out, a solid track. 

Mekong Delta is taken from his fabulous début solo album, Feed The Beast, which you can check out here.

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