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SONG OF THE WEEK: The Darlingtons – ‘Don’t Give Me Hope’

Alt-guitar band, The Darlingtons are back with an explosive new track, entitled Don’t Give Me Hope. Scheduled for release on 25th November, the song marks a big landmark in their careers as it’s their first single to be self-released by the band themselves under ‘darlingtonsmusic’. 

Don’t Give Me Hope takes a more mellow, melancholic vibe than what we usually hear from The Darlingtons, but it’s as equally moving and epic as what we would usually expect from them. This song sparks a new beginning for the band, as they are getting better and better with every new release.

The track features a vast cinematic soundscape which forms the basis of the music video, which you can watch below. The video is a masterpiece in itself, the scope and breadth of the video is something to be praised, it’s stunning visuals and epic locations make the song come to life, it’s a story of opposition and making a stand for what you believe in. The track starts off calm and atmospheric, as the song progresses the tension builds, and it becomes more heated. It lights the charge, and an eruption of  sound hits, it bursts with raging guitars and crashing drums. A solid track that you will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again.

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