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Melbourne folk-rock three piece, Hoy have just released their newest EP, entitled Brigitte Bardot, and having just come off tour with Australia’s mightiest band, The Basics. It’s going pretty well for this trio, and with their début album, Aquaslum set to be released in early 2014 also, it’s just the start of a very long career for Hoy, I’m sure.

The band consists of Felicity Cripps (vocals, guitar), Cecilia Dowling (viola, vocals) and Liam Linley (vocals, guitar) and they make sweet, sweet music. With elements of folk, rock and psychedelica, it makes for a retro yet contemporary sound, that’s compelling and melodious. Filled to the brim with the best songwriting, solid musicianship, warm, captivating vocals and tantalising harmonies. With both female and male vocals, they are able to create a fuller sound, that resonates with the listener on a deeper level. The song Get Some Sleep really showcases this element in the best possible way, a song that just floats you away like a dream. A mellow, melodious tune that has to be my favourite off the EP, for sure, it’s a genuinely comforting song that’s just like a warm hug. To buy the EP, click here.



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