EP REVIEW: Lizabett Russo – ‘The Traveller’s Song’

Aberdeen based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo is a real treat for the ears. Her soulful voice is magnificent, and it’s like a warm hug for your ears, intricate and full of emotion. The EP takes many forms, but if you like music from other artists such as Daughter, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Lissie, chances are you’ll really enjoy this EP.

This three track EP is simply stunning for a début, quickly establishing what a talent Lizabett really is, she is sure to go far with a voice like hers and with the raw talent that she has with her songwriting. Lizabett’s folk pop is as soulful as a church choir, particularly the first track, Tonight, showcases this perfectly. The intensity of Lizabett’s vocals make me think of Laura Mvula’s She, like Mvula, Russo’s vocals are intense, creating that connection between the listener and the song and they have this mesmerising quality that draws you in and envelops you into the song, like Mvula’s She does, in my opinion.

The subjects of the songs are very personal and talk about Lizabett’s life experiences and feelings. Like song number two title track, The Traveller’s Song, where she is singing about the life of a traveller, not being fixed to one place, like in her own life, being of Transylvanian heritage and living between London and Scotland, not having a fixed home. The song encapsulates her yearning desire to belong and to call a place home, as she delicately sings ‘where do I belong?’, it’s about learning who you really are through this sense of not really knowing where you belong.

Final track of the EP, Lose Your Colour, is a warm, comforting song, with warm hues of hazy summer days turning autumnal. It’s a love song about a long distance relationship, being madly in love with this person, she swoons ‘lose your colour and mix it in with mine’. It’s a melodious tune that’s heartfelt message will strike a flame in your heart. A beautiful way to end this lovely EP on. Have a listen to the EP below and fall in love with Lizabett’s charming voice.

Lizabett’s début EP, The Traveller’s Song, is available to buy here.

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