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London based folk singer/songwriter Roo Panes has just released a new music video for his song, Home From Home, which comes from his upcoming EP, Land Of The Living, out 2nd December on CRC Music. 

The song plays with the idea that home is perhaps less of a destination and more of a sense; of worth, or contentment with life. Which is expressed through the relationship and friendship of two children in the video, they are having the time of their lives, just spending time together and relishing in the beauty of life, which is mirrored by the other story line in the video, of an older couple and their love for each other. They are riding together on a motorbike and side car, this video just exemplifies the beauty and message of the song. With a vocal that touches your heart, it’s sentimentality is it’s power and it’s strength, a track that grows and swells in it’s progression, it’s a lovely comforting  track that you’ll have on repeat all day. Watch the video below and see for yourself.



Charlotte Holroyd
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