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HYPE OF THE DAY: Bat and Ball

Brother/Sister duo (Abi and Chris Sinclair), Bat and Ball are London’s newest and most exciting musical outfit. They make music that’s so infectious and so cool that you’ll be so proud of yourself for finding them now before they hit the mainstream. They make delicious indie electronic pop, that will have you craving for more immediately.

Their début EP, We Prefer It In The Dark, is set for release on 14th October and it is sure to launch them into superstardom. They often get compared to London’s IT band of the moment, London Grammar, they have that niche that will make all the hipsters beg for more. With the dual female/male vocal that Bat and Ball have, comparisons can also be made to such duos as The XX and Slow Club, but what sets Bat and Ball apart from the rest is their penchant for gritty yet slick beats, swelling synths, glimmering guitars, sweet harmonies, all topped off with a simmering, intense honey vocal from Abi.

With a familial bond at the heart of their music, they have the advantage of knowing each other really well, which helps them know what works best for each other, and the advantage of being a brother and sister duo means that their voices are a perfect match for each other. To catch Bat and Ball live, head down to London’s Madame Jojo’s on Tuesday 15th October, for a very special intimate performance.




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