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SONG OF THE WEEK: The Slow Readers Club – ‘Forever In Your Debt’

Manchester’s The Slow Readers Club are back and stronger than ever with their latest single, Forever In Your Debt, which also features B-Side, Days Like This Will Break Your Heart, out 11th November. For any Slow Readers Club fan this is the moment we’ve been waiting for, after taking a little break earlier this year to work on some new material in the studio, we are finally being treated to the fruits of their labour and I have to say, this single has to be their best yet.

The band released the music video for Forever In Your Debt just yesterday, and in true Slow Readers Club style it takes a very cinematic approach, its dark subject matter and mature themes express the band’s maturity and growth since their début self-titled  LP back in 2012.

The video follows the life of two women, who are prostitutes, delving into the themes of abuse and religion also, this video is stunningly produced by Manchester’s CroftWerk studios, whom The Slow Readers Club have worked with before on their video for song,  Block Out The Sun, when both come together you know that they will produce something amazing. The video also features Steve Coogan’s niece, Mary Joanna Coogan, which adds that bit of glamour to the video also.

The song itself opens with a heavy bass riff and sturdy drum beat just enough to create a moody atmosphere that is as melodic and catchy as anything, the vocal swoops in at 0.17 and steals your attention straight away, painting a picture in your mind of this smothering relationship, the guitar pitches in and we sail into a euphoric chorus that will instantly have you hooked. Again like every Slow Readers track, Forever In Your Debt, features a very cinematic soundscape that is meant to be heard on a large scale, they are one of Manchester’s greatest treasures, I just hope that everyone will pick up on that.

The song just soars throughout, it will have you reaching for the repeat button immediately after one listen, it’s just that good and it gleams when they play it live, I can’t recommend going to see The Slow Readers Club live more, it is something really special that you won’t forget. They are a solid live band. The single will be released on all the usual formats including a limited edition vinyl of just 200 copies, so be on the lookout for that on their website. 

B-Side, Days Like This Will Break Your Heart, is Forever In Your Debt‘s mirror image, a perfectly introspective tale of melancholy, full with orchestral vocals from Aaron Starkie and a symphony of beautiful melodies. I have to say with every new song they just get better, the quality of their songwriting is second to none, they really do write songs that speak to you and are full of meaning.

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