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SONG OF THE WEEK: Cull – ‘World Inside Your Head’

This Sydney based four piece make sweet shoegaze, psychedelic sounds that will undoubtedly have you floating away on a cloud high up in the sky. With the abundance of dream poppy psych bands that are taking over the world right now, you may be asking what makes Cull so different?

Well, they are truly good at what they do for starters, and they take the dreaminess of their music but also add a heap of guitar rock to that, making  it a much more darker, fuller sound than you usually hear from a lot of other psych bands. Cull are truly special in that sense, though I’d say World Inside Your Head does take a slight change of direction for the band, it’s a little bit lighter and it gleams like a kaleidoscope of colour.

But having said that, World Inside Your Head is also the perfect example of their darker, enveloping sound. It’s a swirly ethereal tune that will take you deep inside your own head, and make you forget about all your worries and real life, you just get lost and submerged in the music, as the song reaches it’s roaring conclusion, you’ll have no choice but to let go. Think Tame Impala on speed mixed with a little Temples just for that slight edge. World Inside Your Head is taken from their upcoming début EP, Bà nội, out late october. The EP itself is in dedication to Chumpy’s (vocals, guitar) late grandmother, who is cited as one of the major influences that founded Cull. Have a listen to the song below and for more info on the band, check out the links below.

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