LISTEN: Female Artists You Should Be Listening To

We thought we should take some time out to showcase some great local talent and national talent, focussing primarily on female artists. So feast your ears on the delights of their music.


Caoilfhionn Rose’s avatar

Caoilfhionn is a singer/songwriter and pianist. She makes beautifully heartfelt music that speaks to the very core of your being. The delicate sounds of her voice coupled with the magical musings of the piano makes her one of a kind and a truly special artist. Day Dreamer (Who Are You?) is a truly remarkable piece of music, it’s subtleties are it’s triumph. It just shows that you don’t need loads of production for a song to speak to you, in it’s rawest and purest form it is at it’s best, and that’s what Caoilfhionn is best at doing, exposing the raw essence of the song to make something that is so unique and beautiful. It’s mesmerising and so refreshing to come across someone like Caoilfhionn.


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Ruby-Ann Patterson has a voice that’s quite unbelievable, she is a Manchester based singer-songwriter. Her delicate piano playing and soulful voice creates pure magic, her performances are so captivating that you can’t look away. She is a true artist and a great lyricist and with THAT voice, she is sure to go far.


London singer-songwriter Laurel is a truly remarkable artist. Her voice just cuts through you, it’s so powerful, honest and raw, she has that special quality that just shines through. Below is Blue Blood, only in demo form and it’s flawless. Her alt-pop sounds are so deliciously raw and filled with emotion that it’s hard not to be moved by her music. Watch out for Laurel, we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the future, with an EP on the way soon also, it’s a very good time to be finding out more about her.


Nadine Carina

Swiss singer/songwriter Nadine Carina, makes electronic styled folk music dripping in melancholy and life experiences, with a very captivating and mesmerising presence live also, she is one to watch. She is also about to release a new EP, entitled Things that People Love to Remember, out November 15th via On the Camper Records. Her experimental and creative side comes through in her music, she is a great believer in the power of an instrumental which you can find on her soundcloud in abundance. She is also not a stranger to using the kalimba, which obviously springs to mind another great artist, Phia. Her music is the perfect dreamscape, ethereal and otherworldly.

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