EP REVIEW: Glocks – ‘Nicolas Cage’

Glocks are a five piece from Wigan, who make the most melodic, uplifting indie rock that you’ll hear, with pop hooks and exuberant passion for their craft, they are a truly great band. Their début EP, entitled Nicolas Cage, is something quite special.

After a nice intro instrumental, we head into first track, Warrior, which is such a great track. A punchy beat and heaps of indie guitars, sweet vocals and catchy hooks, and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Comparisons can be made to local fellow Manchester band The Nankeens here also. Warrior simply put, is brilliant. With a début like this, it always make you wonder why you’ve not heard of the band before, and this statement is so true in Glocks case.

The next track, Building Bridges is another fantastic track. One that will have you singing along in no time, with a sailing rhythm that is mellow and energetic at the same time. You can make comparison to Two Door Cinema Club with Glocks, their music may not be as heavy as Two Door Cinema Club but what they do have in common are pounding rhythms and soaring melodies, coupled with great songwriting. What I do notice though is that at times their sound does verge on folk as well, which I love, especially in Building Bridges I think it is apparent with the feverous harmonies and honesty in the song, I feel that at the base of their sound is that love for folk music, coupled with their indie vibes, it makes for a great sound.

Next track, King of the Coast, is an instrumental interlude, which is features a very desert, movie soundtrack kind of vibe. As the camera pans down across this open plane, and we head into a car chase between the hero and the villain of the movie, at least that’s what I picture. Anyway.

At times their music edges towards surf, which is becomes very prevalent throughout the whole EP. The final track, Great Lover of the Age, is a nice slow burner of atmospherics and ambient vocals, which turn snarly and intense as the song heats up. With a sailing rhythm to the track and a great beat, nicely topped off with smooth guitar lines and a little bit of bass to juice it up, the track simply just gleams. A great way to finish off a fantastic début EP. For more info on the band, check out the links below and to buy a copy of the EP, click here, it’s only £1 so you’d be a fool not to.

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