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Storms are an indie guitar band from London, they are another band that have a penchant for the 90’s music scene, but forget about the other bands out there, Storms are completely different and unique in their own right. They are currently supporting Broken Hands on their UK tour, and are making waves and turning heads in the process. I can safely say, after seeing them play live earlier this week, they are definitely a great live band and ones to watch.

They have just released their first music video for their current single, I Had A Vision Last Night, which is sure to gain them lots of attention and hopefully airplay, as it’s a solid release. The song itself is a thing of beauty complete with a huge chorus, that will be stuck in your head for days, mellow yet surging guitars and catchy pop melodies. It’s a sun soaked, melodious tune that makes you want to live your life to it’s fullest and experience everything you can.




Charlotte Holroyd
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