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Etches are an alternative, indie rock band, currently based in Liverpool, and managed by music guru Hattie Pearson of Xfm, they are in the best hands. They only formed this year and the only material they have up online to listen to is the featured song, Let’s Move In, with a video to go along with it promised very soon, sometime in October to be precise. Now is the time to be getting on this band and learning more about them.

Let’s Move In, itself is a magnificently catchy tune that features pop-py hooks with trickles of indie guitars that just fall on your ears like a waterfall and surging melodies that are so sweet on the ears, it’s hard not to keep hitting the replay button. With a vocal that’s so comforting and strong, you’ll be begging to hear more, these guys are sure to be on everyone’s lips very soon. They’ve got a couple of tour dates coming up across the country, so have a look out for them if you live in or around London, Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool. But other than that enjoy the song below and keep looking out for more from these guys.

Charlotte Holroyd
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