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The Darlingtons are  a indie rock four-piece from Taunton. They are currently in the mist of releasing their new live EP, Who says there’s no beach in Doncaster?, out 16th September. They are a very exciting band, which I suggest you check out. Read on to hear what they said about everything from who they’d love to tour with and what we can be expecting from their upcoming EP’s.

Can you give us a brief history of how you came together as a band?

We were all mates at school and decided to come together to form a band at the beginning of college. After enduring what was a bollocks two years, we then decided to take it seriously, and here we are.

You recently left you record label to pursue a more DIY approach with your music. Why did you make that decision and has it paid off? Does it feel like a ‘new era’ within the band now?

We wanted some more control over when and what we were releasing, we hadn’t really had chance to try recording anything ourselves before either. So, we thought we’d give it a try. However we still really appreciate everything the label did for us. 

Yes, it does feel like a new era and a fresh start, as we’ve been given the chance to explore areas of being a band that we haven’t had a chance to before; such as recording and planning releases ourselves. It has also given us a creative burst in terms of our song writing and production style.

You are about to release a live EP, entitled Who says there’s no beach in Doncaster?, which is out very soon. What can we expect to hear from that and is it an accurate representation of where you’re at as a band right now?

Yes, we have just received the physical copies and are now getting excited about its release, which is due to be released on the 16th of September.

It is a recording of the live set that we have been touring for the past 6 or so months. We decided to release a live EP as we thought it got across the general feel of our lives shows better than previous releases. We also wanted to have some merch to sell at gigs.

We think the live EP bridges the gap between ‘decades dance’ and the new material, which we are working on, and we felt it was necessary to help build momentum into our new releases.

You’ve also been working on another EP, but one that features new material. When can we be expecting to hear that and can you give us a little taste of what to expect from it?

The EP which we’ve recorded has now been split into two separate releases, one to be released November 11th and the other in early Feb.

This is the first release we have done that has been produced and engineered by the band and we feel it’s closer to how we want to sound on record than previous releases have been. The sounds and lyrical concepts which feature have matured as we ourselves are a couple years older.

‘Contagious, Courageous’ the B side for the first single is a good example of this, as we have ventured out of our comfort zone.

You’re always gigging and playing live shows. Is there anywhere you’d love to tour or play a show?

We’ve always wanted to go out to Japan and have been told that the gigs out there are awesome! Also playing in America would be great 🙂

What is a Darlingtons show like, for those of us that haven’t seen you live?

We like to get quite energetic on stage and like to throw ourselves around a bit. However, we often play on tiny stages, which results in some near misses with guitar heads. Also, our equipment seems to take a pounding – the issue being we don’t have the money to replace it. Dan bought a new guitar 4 months ago and it already has duct tape on it.

If you could tour with any band or artist right now, who would that be and why?

The National or The Horrors. We are big fans of both bands – particularly their live shows! We’re also heavily influenced by them and would love the opportunity to play alongside them.

You have a very loyal fan base, and you always take the time out to talk to them, whether that be in person at gigs or via social networks, which I really appreciate. Is it important to connect with your fans this way?

Definitely! If our fans are going to spend the time to support us either online or by coming to gigs, the least we can do is take the time to chat to them. Also, it’s great when you get to know particular people and see them pop up at different gigs. It can make the gig feel much more homely.

When it comes to writing the songs, where does the inspiration come from and is it a collaborative process?

It usually starts with someone coming to band practice with a rough idea and we all help to develop that, to turn it into something not quite so rough. We have had the same song writing system for a couple years now and it seems to work well for us…well at least we hope it does 🙂

When inspiration strikes, are you one for grabbing the pen and paper or do you opt for your phone?

Kiwi always carries a song book around with him. However, we have been known to write lyrics down on anything available – phone, back of a receipt, bathroom wall.

We’re big supporters of new music here at Bitter Sweet Symphonies. Having said that, are there any new artists that have caught your attention recently that you’d like to share with us?

Two good bands who we played with recently are The Bedroom Hour and Kismet Ryding – they’re also really nice guys. It’s also worth checking out the Bristol record label ‘howling owl’ as they seem to be putting out some good stuff.

What’s next for The Darlingtons?

As well as the releases, we will be touring throughout October and November and hopefully getting our music out to more people.


A special thanks to The Darlingtons for this interview and for more info on the band, check out the following links below.

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