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SONG OF THE WEEK: Carousel – ‘Another Day’

Carousel are Jackson Phillips (synth, vocals) and Kevin Friedman (guitar, vocals) and they make deliciously sweet, electro pop that’s good enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

This is blissed out electro pop at it’s best. Carousel may not pioneers in this field, but they sure know how to make a good first impression, with delectable, sun-soaked synths and the irresistible intensity of  Phillips vocal, they are just what the doctor ordered.  Another Day is a sweet track about the beginnings of a burgeoning relationship, fully equipped with ’80s styled guitar licks, it is the perfect summer tune.

Culminating on a soaring guitar solo, that gently sweeps you away like a summer breeze. Currently residing in Los Angeles, they bring a bit of the LA sunshine to their music, like the sun’s rays, their music is filled with warmth but it doesn’t leave you with that blotchy sunburn afterwards. Another Day is taken from Carousel’s EP, Palms, which is out now. Make sure they are on your radar and check them out before they get huge.

Charlotte Holroyd
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