Big Skies are Jim Cubitt (lead vocals, guitar), Jack Wharton (guitar, vocals), Adam Neal (bass, vocals) and Alexander Cumming (drums). Three members of the band are from London and the other is from Canada, but all have found their new home in Berlin. They describe their sound as ‘Psychedelic Britpop’ which is intriguing in itself. Though, they are quick to point out that their music has evolved to become much more than just psychedelic britpop, elements of rock and punk have become more prevalent since they initially started making music together, which only makes them more exciting.

Their début single, Come Up and Feel It, marks the start of their musical journey together, though they have been working quietly away in the studio for a year now, perfecting their sound and making something that they believe in. Come Up and Feel It comes off the début self-titled EP, Big Skies, which is due to be released on 23rd August.

Come Up and Feel It, which you can hear below, is up for free download also, so if you like it , tell your friends and share it with them. Big Skies are the real deal, a band that really stand for something and make good music to boot. Come Up and Feel It is  a stunning track, with melodic guitar riffs, crashing drums and a chorus that will haunt you for days. Big Skies are sure to be on everyone’s must see list.

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