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Here are our picks of some of the very best new bands and artists making music today.


Indiana is a solo artist from Nottingham, who is shaking up the electro pop scene right now, with her dark and heavy synth-laden tracks. Her music is purely luscious, atmospheric goodness. With vocals that can only be described as soul-shattering injections of raw talent, Indiana is one artist not to be missed and is sure to go far.

Wake Owl

This Canadian four piece are simply wonderful. They make beautiful folk/country music that you can’t help but get lost in. Their music is a breath of fresh air, simple but at the same time filled with complexities, the nature of folk music at it’s heart, guitar melodies and sweeping violin, topped off with soaring vocals that just melt on your ears. Wake Owl are just the ray of sunshine that you need in your life.


Similar to fellow Birmigham-ites, Swim Deep and Peace. Superfood follow the same urge and are determined to bring back the grunge and gritty guitar music that was so prevalent in the 90s, but also adding that modern day twist to the genre.

What’s different from Superfood to Swim Deep and Peace, you might ask? Well, for starters they have a female in the band, Emily Baker, who plays bass and well, they are Superfood. They are fastly becoming the most talked about live band around, with barely any music online or any singles released. Superfood have managed to gain a lot of attention already, a review from NME and word of mouth from gig-goers alike, has proven to be monumental to the band’s success of late, having recently toured with Peace, Tribes and Splashh, things are going very well for this four piece.


After a recent line up change in the band, they have come back even stronger, with new lead guitarist, Joshua Murphy at the helm, they are soaring even higher and are taking over the world one country at a time. Currently making their way around the festival circuit in Germany, they are gaining quite a following and rightly so.

This Australian four piece are quite simply marvellous, their distinctive style brings a genre that has been off the airwaves for a long time back to the forefront. Their epic, rock opera just explodes right on your ears from the very first note. Frontman, Luke Ferris, has a range that cannot be matched by anyone else, his vocals are utterly awe-inspiring and with killer lyrics to boot, Me are unstoppable.

Kill for Company

Kill for Company are one of most exciting duo’s I’ve heard recently, their blend of hard core indie rock, really has power. Kill for Company are Michael Banfield and Mark O`Donoughue, one thing that sets this duo apart from every other band or artist out there is the fact that no one else has a custom-made “Guibass”, in simple terms a “Guibass” is a hybrid guitar/bass, a lead guitar with the added bonus of two bass strings, allowing them to produce a fuller sound and something that is quite extraordinary in itself.

Expect an explosion of gritty, supercharged rock with banging drums, surging guitars and juicy bass, topped off with punchy vocals, their music is nothing less than infectious.


K.I.D.S are a collaboration between Swedish singer, Rosanna Munter and Charles Cave (bassist in White Lies), they are one of the most exciting new bands around. This duo make deliciously dark, synth laden pop tracks, that encompass an epic, vast soundscape. After playing their first live shows together at SXSW earlier this year, they are sure to be making a lot of noise in the industry very soon.


This duo from Sheffield are breaking boundaries left, right and centre, with their unruly live shows and supercharged indie rock. The intensity of their raw, energetic, surging rock really packs a punch, their take ‘no prisoners’ approach really comes through in every song, which is what makes them so successful, in my mind. A great duo, looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.


This Bristol four-piece are insanely good. They make the best indie music around, with soaring, infectious melodies and deliciously sweet vocals, they are sure to go far. Just wrapping their very successful UK tour, earlier this month, and a string of festival appearances lined up for this summer, it is sure to be a very exciting time for these guys right now.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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