In Conversation With… LEIF ERIKSON

When you hear the words Leif Erikson, your mind may take you to the name of the Icelandic explorer. Well, Leif Erikson, the band, also explore within the depths of their alternative based music. The London-founded fivesome convey swayful, melodious synths and ambiguous lyrics, creating a deliverance of excitement and tranquillity combined.


LIVE REVIEW: Neighbourhood Festival 2019

What to say about this year’s round of Neighbourhood Festival? It was eclectic. The programming was focused on a few particular styles of music, yet the acts and what they brought in their live shows ranged from highly conceptualised spectacle, cathartic solitude, breathtaking precision, to beautifully collective uproar – as well as steadily providing entertaining […]


LIVE PREVIEW: Sŵn Festival 2019

Summer may be drawing to an end, but the festival season of 2019 is far from over. Sŵn Festival is coming to Cardiff in October, bringing three days of innovative, out-of-the-box, challenging and refreshing music to the Welsh capital. Founded by Huw Stephens and John Rostron, and now run by local grassroots music institution Clwb […]


Road To Sŵn Festival // LICE

Our path towards Sŵn Festival, the multi-venue festival that is going to take over the Cardiff music scene for the weekend of 18th, 19th and 20th October, touches base in neighbouring Bristol yet again, as I discuss musical oddities, the state of the post-punk scene and dark humour with Alastair Shuttleworth, vocalist for self-described satirical […]


LIVE PREVIEW: Y Not Festival 2019

Summer festival season is gearing back up, it’s that time of year where we abandon city skyscrapers and trek to the countryside for an extended weekend of partying in the fields and singing our lungs out to our favourite bands, gathered with our nearest and dearest. In July, Derbyshire’s idyllic Y Not Festival returns – […]


LIVE REVIEW: Neighbourhood Weekender 2019

Occupying the second Bank Holiday weekend in May, Neighbourhood Weekender returned for its sophomore run with a packed schedule of live music, performance and fairground fun. The festival benefits from its central location and easily accessible site, taking place in Warrington’s expansive Victoria Park the event is uniquely staged and administered. Covering all forms of […]


In Conversation With… KING CHARLES

King Charles has always been enigmatic – never directly definable. His music, his image, his style (even his hair), forever transforming and renewing. The 2012 debut album, LoveBlood introduced a debonair, characterful performer with a touch of the eccentric, flash forward to 2016’s follow up, Gamble for A Rose and a completely different scene and […]


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Live at Leeds 2019

As new music festivals go, Live at Leeds is the premier league – a metropolitan wurlitzer of entertainment and culture pinpointing talent from all corners of the globe then bringing them together for one blistering day. The great Northern city offers a playground for escapism, adventure and pilgrimage, spanning miles of terrain the venues are […]