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Nottingham based singer-songwriter Jerub begins the new year with a single that puts all of the past year’s emotions into perspective. Emotive and quietly powerful in personal, as well as global, sentiment, ‘Feel It’ reaches out and takes us steadfastly by the hand.

Jerub made his debut in 2019 with the successful ‘Paint Me in Gold,’ and has since made a name for himself through heartfelt prose and a magical blend of alternative and RnB-influenced styles. The introspective ‘Feel It’ is no different. Reflecting on his personal experience, the track was composed in a therapeutic response to the racial injustices that we faced in 2020 and the movement that followed. 

‘Feel It’ begins like a hushed secret, protected and hidden, but confidently grows into a soulful exclamation of freedom and catharsis. Music stirs in the background with small electrifying nuances and an urgency on the keys that pushes the message forward. Balanced upon swells of Jerub’s powerful vocalization, from breathy high notes and whispers to reedy growls of passion, there is a lofty quality to the composition as if something needs to escape from deep within. He sings, “Reality sets in and there’s no escaping/ This is the world that we’re living and breathing in / But I can’t breathe / So help me feel it.” With these lyrics directly triggered by the death of George Floyd, Jerub holds each note suspended like a precious thing.

Penned in a beautiful display of emotion, the track serves as a powerful reminder not only to speak out and be honest with yourself, but to unapologetically feel again.

‘Feel It’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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Jill Guthrie
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