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Ever striking and deeply human, New York resident and LA native, Nakaya has aptly engulfed our senses with her newest single to-date. Brimming with quiet artistry, ‘Wither’ reflects the soul behind the music. And as the seasons change beyond our walls, Nakaya’s resounding vocals leave us out of breath, while the warm summer days wither into new beginnings.

This alternative artist blends nuances of electronica, R&B vibes, and the freak folk genre into something uniquely ambient and sincere. Since her debut EP, Out of Breath in 2015, she has sought to reach her audience by accentuating the fragile humanity that we all share. Having grown as a person and as a musician in the time in-between, ‘Wither’ is just as beautifully crafted.

Following a double-sided release at the top of the year – ‘Ballet Shoes’/ ‘Goodbye’ – Nakaya moves from heartache into a new understanding of herself. Reflective and sentimental, her musical, as well as personal, journey culminates in ‘Wither’ as she quite literally faces herself in the vastness of nature. Accompanied by a video filmed in rural upstate New York, blurred apparitions from a past relationship intersperse her present, as she transitions into newfound confidence.  

With a characteristically minimal production value, Nakaya’s music revels in the simplicity. A warm halo of breathy vocals rests upon the sparsely decorated space, filling it with evocative harmonies and retrospective lyrics that ring out with a certain clarity. ‘Wither’ forcefully sheds its skin – “Even though you’re all I want / You’re not worth waiting on,” she sings in affirmation. Fading into the delicate sounds of memory, the question begs to be asked, “Can you feel the darkness engulfing my lips / And I said ooh / Turning into stone I’m forgetting your kiss.

Ever sound in her convictions and deeply searching, ‘Wither’ only punctuates her talent, leaving us wanting more.  

Out now, watch the video for ‘Wither,’ directed by Daddy Ramazani:  

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