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TRACK OF THE DAY: Michael Baker – ‘Baby Books’

Some songs really mean something. Something more than 24 tracks in Logic. Something more than a ‘fresh beat.’ Michael Baker’s latest release ‘Baby Books’ remembers a friend of his who lost their battle with mental health. In June, I lost a friend the same way. This track hit home. And you need to hear it.

The composition is nothing remarkable on the outside. But it feels different. It’s moody, but driving. The drums keep going and so does that driving bass line. There are splashes of guitar and piano with loads of reverb that add space and atmosphere. But it also has weight. The track feels lonely. Like someone standing alone. It’s haunting.

The lyrics hurt to listen to. Because they’re true. The story of this person with “the smoke [they’re] always under.” That’s how it feels. For those who are gone, and those who are still here too. I listened to every line, and every line hurt to listen to. What beautiful and honest writing.

Baker’s voice is honest and soft, with a delicate falsetto in the choruses. His voice is measured, like someone at peace. Maybe that’s deliberate, maybe that’s his style. Either way, I heard every word and every inflection. I was captivated.

They say the biggest killer of men under 40 is suicide. I’m not sure if the stats are still true, but I know Michael Baker speaks more poetically about mental health than anyone else I’ve heard. It was cathartic to listen to, and I needed to hear it. Thank you Michael.

Michael Baker is set to release a full-length album (titled Salt) in early 2020 via Keys to the Kingdom Records, ‘Baby Books’ is the third installment. All the recent tracks are available to stream on Spotify, here.

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