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TRACK OF THE DAY: Lacuna Bloome – ‘Plastic’

The age of indie music is on the rise once again. Walls of sound, layered guitars, repetitive few word choruses. It’s definitely something that’s gone missing between the multitude of smoother genres that have been holding our attentions over the summer months.

So with the love for loud, wavy guitar sounds back on, who do we need to look out for? Try Lacuna Bloome. After nearly a year of musical silence, the Brighton-based band is back with a brand new single, ‘Plastic‘. 

Granted, it may be something you feel like you’ve heard before. However, the exquisite way that the song builds up – the mellow start, the gradual propulsion, followed by the drums and guitars breaking out and embracing their solo moments – you can tell a lot of time and love has been put into this song. 

And not only does the track musically end up being completely stuck in your head – but the lyrical subject matter actually builds on a very important problem: our attitude to plastic. 

Explaining the song in their own words: “’Plastic’ is about waking up to the biggest issue our world faces, and in particular about the mass use of single-use plastic. It questions whether people will ever make a change to the way they live, and if it will even make a difference.”

This slow re-rise of incorporating current environmental or political subjects in lyrics is something that really feels like a breath of fresh air, after what seems like a suffocating blanket of vapid songs blasting out of the radio. And it’s certainly reassuring to know there are artists out there that still care to address these topics. 

‘Plastic’ is the first instalment of the forthcoming debut EP – on which they’ve been working on all year. And if the other tracks are just as good as ‘Plastic’ – then there’s a brightly blooming future for Lacuna Bloome and that’s something for us to look forward to.

‘Plastic’ is out now – available to stream on Spotify, here

Photo Credit: Alex Butcher

Find Lacuna Bloome on Facebook and Twitter.

Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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