EP REVIEW: PIXEY – ‘Colours’

It’s a shame really. It’s September. I wish that this EP had come out three months ago, because I’m sure it would have been my soundtrack to summer. PIXEY released her new EP, Colours on Friday (6th September), so it looks like I’ve got some tunes lined up for next June.

The whole EP is full of life. The drums have bounce to them. Loads of reverb and rolling snare beats. The guitars have an octave effect that gives a bell-like chime. It’s full of cool little riffs and I got really jealous that I didn’t write any of them myself.

Supersonic Love’ is a perfect opening track. It sets the mood for everything that comes after it. The guitars are glassy and melodic, and the vocals don’t miss a beat. The whole composition feels euphoric. If you’re in a rush, just listen to this one. And if you like what you hear, play on. You won’t be disappointed.

On My Own’ is a deeper track. PIXEY laments and embraces being alone in one breath. “…I’m just used to it. I’m used to no one near. And now you’re here, I want you to know, I’ll dance on my own.” I love that. Equal parts triumphant and thoughtful. Mega track.

I like to think ‘Colours’ sounds like a rejected Prince song. It’s a dreamy, steamy interlude. It’s slow and intimate, where the notes ring out and the words pour out. The guitar riff really stood out here too, so of course it was my personal favourite.

Hometown’ is a song for running through the streets (when no one is looking of course). The drums are quick and tight, really funky. It’s full of repeating patterns. The lyrics talk about coming back to a town that you know inside-out. It really resonated with me, and I think others will feel the same.

Young’ is the final track. It’s more of the same. Just great music. I’m a little disappointed because it feels similar to the tracks that came before. But, I also think the other tracks built an expectation for a big finish. I won’t say no to more of the same, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s still a solid track to end on.

Normally when I review tracks, I can tell pretty quickly what I’m listening to. An indie rock track, a piano ballad, whatever. However, PIXEY offers something new. I can’t put it in a normal category. It’s not rock, it’s not pop, and it’s not indie. It’s a fun and energetic mix of the three. It sounds like PIXEY. She’s found a sound that I can only associate with her. And I want more. I can’t wait for what she does next.

PIXEY’s EP, Colours is out now – available to stream in full, here

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