WATCH: Great Mountain Fire – ‘Look Up’

There really is something oddly satisfying about contrasts – polar opposites – two sides. And placed side by side, in a metaphorical sense, they end up creating this balance. Say summer to winter or happy vs. sad. Or even somber meets joy.

Now add all these examples together and we have Great Mountain Fire’s newest single (and accompanying music video) ‘Look Up’.

Set upon this lonely snow covered mountain side, we see a man enter and explore an abandoned building. But diverging this cold and possibly eerie setting he’s not walking straight but constantly on an angle and dancing to the beat of the music. Things end up getting so heated, a fiery dance floor ensues embracing the sanguine feeling of the song. 

Great Mountain Fire describe themselves as “a pop band from the indie rock culture of the ’90s, but soaked with groovy beats tinged with soul/afro-funk, warm and fluid tunes, producing melodious, ethereal and dancing songs.

However, the Brussels-based band seem to embrace more of this hippy-esque love from the ’70s with some ’80s disco flare elements á la Parcels or a sped up Jungle. But at the same time, have pieces of the neat feel-good Tame Impala psych rock everyone is dabbling in these days. 

But no matter – Great Mountain Fire get those smiles on faces and the urge to get up and dance. Despite whatever circumstance you may be in.

‘Look Up’ by Great Mountain Fire is out now via Kitsuné – available on iTunes here.

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Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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