ALBUM REVIEW: Queen Zee – ‘Queen Zee’

Welcome to the dawn of The Age of Zee. It is no understatement to suggest that listening to the debut album of Queen Zee could change your life for the better. For one, you’re going to be treated to one of the finest musical releases in quite some time providing enthralling, suffocating, dangerous rock music coating the edges of fantastic pop songs like broken glass on the back wall of an estate pub’s beer garden. But for those who consider themselves to be a Loner or one of the outsiders, this could be the album that gives them solace, makes them realise they are not alone, and in this world of social media gives them the chance to find a shared love and bond with people who feel the same as them who they are yet to meet.

Opening track Loner is a great way to start this album as it is just so damn attractive as a piece of music. “I’m alone, I’m alone, I’m a loner” sets out the atmosphere of the entire album in one line as it is part snarled, part sung with an air of cocky pride. It hits straight from the ears to the heart and then the brain. And if you don’t fall in love with Queen Zee (the album and/or band) at that very moment, then I’d recommend you try anything but music.

If there is a motif for this album, it comes from domestic violence response Sissy Fists and the chorus-cum-mantra of “raise your sissy fists.” Queen Zee (the album) installs in the listener a combination of pride, bravery and togetherness that makes your soul raise a fist to the sky to show that you are part of the newest gang in town like it is the Olympics in Mexico City. I’m convinced this album could make you taller if you let it.

Despite the subject matter which will hit the spot with many, this is a piece of music first and foremost, and whilst the lyrics are powerfully witty, and quotable (“fuck God, hail Satan” on the puntastically titled Lucy Fur a prime example of this) more fans are going to be found by virtue of the quality of the music. The ten tracks manage to somehow stay furious enough to be punk; bold enough to be rock; and have enough funk and blues to get all but the most committed statues to do anything from tapping toes to throwing shapes.

A doff of the cap too to the producers of this album as they have managed to somehow keep the raw power of Queen Zee whilst making it also sound like a piece of classic rock music that your Dad’s’ mates would play air guitar to after one Guinness too many. It’s a fine line as it could have come across as dilution, but instead it feels inclusive and beautiful. For me that is why Queen Zee is a punk debut up there with The Clash.

Fuck God, hail Queen Zee The First (but hopefully not the last).

Celebrating the album’s release a signing and live performance event will be taking place at Liverpool’s Jacaranda Phase One on Sunday 10th Feb at 3pm – all the details can be found here.

Queen Zee February tour dates:

Tuesday 12th – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Wednesday 13th – Rough Trade, Bristol
Thursday 14th – The Lexington, London
Friday 15th – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Wednesday 20th – Garage, Glasgow
Thursday 21st – Think Tank, Newcastle
Friday 22nd – Bodega, Nottingham
Saturday 23rd – Yes, Manchester

Find Queen Zee on Facebook and Twitter.

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