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TRACK OF THE DAY: BEACH RIOT – ‘Good to Know (That I’m Still On Your Mind)’

This blog is no stranger to the Brighton music scene, which has become notorious for its notably eclectic music scene and, over the past few years, has been home to some of the most promising up and coming bands. Something about the seaside city, probably something in the water, has helped it become a musical cornucopia fit to burst (hopefully full of musical bounty for us to enjoy). Beach dwelling locals BEACH RIOT have embodied the spirit of their town, with its busy city noise, punctuated by moments of beautiful artistic expression, with their new single ‘Good To Know (That I’m Still On Your Mind)’.

The waves (if you’ll pardon the ocean reference) of guitars create this lush bustling backdrop upon which the bass and vocals are front and centre. It’s the hard punk infused bassline that is a highlight of this song for me – it’s somehow a perfect musical manifestation of the emotion behind a breakup. It’s got aggression yet it is subtle and continues on throughout the entire song as a constant force.

As a Brighton local, I’ll admit I may be rather romantic about the city at times however BEACH RIOT are testament to the city’s bubbling pot of musical styles, artists and influences.

BEACH RIOT release their debut EP on 7th December via Vallance Records – coloured vinyl and t-shirt bundles are available to pre-order now, here.

Photo Credit: Bridie Florence

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