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TRACK OF THE DAY: WOOZE – ‘Ladies Who Lunch with Me’

It might be a little early to start making New Year resolutions, but if you want to get ahead of the curve then make seeing WOOZE one of your must-do activities of 2019.

And it seems I’m not the only one thinking that way. Brighton’s legendary Great Escape festival has them pencilled in for next year’s event, and they’ll be playing a First Fifty showcase in London at the end of this month as one of the opening tranche of bands announced for the festival.

Ladies Who Lunch With Me‘ is the third track to be released by the band and it continues to burnish their reputation just as previous release Party Without Ya did.

The British/Korean duo of Theo Spark and Jamie She formed in 2017 out of Brixton’s Muddy Yard Collective and so far haven’t put an alt-pop foot wrong. The great thing about the track is that even at this early stage it’s so easily identifiable as WOOZE. Where too many bands can get lost by failing to stand out from the prevailing herd, WOOZE demand attention.

‘Ladies Who…’ is the sort of intelligent, slightly off-beam pop that can trace its lineage back to Postcard-label bands like Josef K and Orange Juice where being smart in both look and sound was a key component of their appeal. The tempo changes and squelchy, distorted riffs keep things interesting while the harmonies beguile and fix the track firmly in the memory.

‘Ladies Who Lunch with Me’ is released through UK independent, Young Poet Records – stream/purchase the track here.

Find WOOZE on Facebook and Twitter.

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