EP REVIEW: Indian Queens – ‘You When I Close My Eyes’

Following up from their appearance at Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival, Indian Queens’ debut EP ‘You When I Close My Eyes’ is a spectacular affair filled with gritty riffs and punchy vocals. Indian Queens reflect the abrasive and cynical nature of their East London home, making for a compelling listen, which only packs more punch with each passing listen. Drawing from a wide range of influences such as Warpaint, Massive Attack and Queens Of The Stone Age, ‘You When I Close My Eyes’ is an eclectic mix of far-out beats, edgy basslines and atmospheric rocky guitar riffs.

Kicking off proceedings with the title track, Indian Queens immerse us in their dirty underworld, making use of fuzzy distorted tones and plenty of cowbell. A distorted, heavy love song that seems to creep under the skin and lodges itself there. You When I Close My Eyes is about as haunting and insidious as it gets, using simple and effective melodies as well as a fantastic murky guitar solo to consume the listener.

Wish You Well is a much lighter affair by comparison, with airy, interweaving vocals and electronic breakbeats that shift the band’s dynamic. Wearing their influences pinned to their spangly jumpers you can hear those melancholy trip-hop influences. Following in the same vein, I Get No Rest has a more bouncy and upbeat feel at first, full of catchy hooks and passing mentions of their usual stomping grounds. Murky yet luscious guitar tones shimmer throughout for some subtle yet fantastic guitar lines, sounding unhinged yet totally vigilant as Jennifer O’Neill snarls her way through the track.

The penultimate track and previous single, Pretty Little Thing shows the more emotive side of the band, with sweet, heartfelt melodies and delicate lyrics. Still plenty of groove though, but a nostalgic melancholy akin to that of Radiohead. A more expanded musical palette of keyboards and shoegazey noise as well overlapping vocals brings a massive sonic impact that’s to pull on the heartstrings.

Us Against The World closes out the EP with a bang. A dark and harrowing swan song that meanders through hazy territory combining monster riffage, sticky production and tremendous groove to create something wholly unique and unsettling, while also bringing a satisfying climax to finish on. Through all the twists, turns and musical leaps of the EP, Indians Queens have rounded out with something that strikes a chord with everything that has come before it and ties it all together nicely. Taunting and biting right until the final note and not letting the go, Us Against The World brings newfound energy to the project, which I’m certain is a great starting place for whatever Indian Queens have coming next.

The new EP from Indian Queens is out now via Cool Thing Records – Stream/Purchase the record here.

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