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TRACK OF THE DAY: Boniface – ‘Fumbling’

Winnipeg native, Micah Visser grew up in a neighborhood by the name of St. Boniface, for which his band is named, trying his hand at a number of creative things and emerging as something freshly groomed and original. Forged in the depths of youth, Boniface’s music is introspective, well balanced and sensibly indie with a 21st century pop finish, and his newest single ‘Fumbling’ is a prime example.

This melody-driven piece of unified indie-pop bears a truth that is paradoxical by nature. At some point, we’ve all lain in bed staring at the ceiling wondering, do they like me too?, and experienced the weightlessness of falling in love. But it’s not all that easy, as there are crystal clear moments followed by heart-wrenching hesitation, and that is the spirit of this song. Boniface has explained, it’s that moment where you ‘wake up freaking out, cold sweat shaking, and sleeping in all your clothes’. And ‘Fumbling’ finds itself neatly suspended in the space between the initial falling and the final being in love.

Backed by a crystalline synth accompaniment that glistens lightly behind his words, the track effortlessly finds that space. “I don’t wanna stay up fumbling / All night waiting for something that I can’t control / I was raised to only focus on the ones I love / And it’s you now you know,” he sings in an attractive cadence at the chorus. The song is both hopeful and hesitant, and light in its application of musical flourish, resting somewhere between “a declaration of love and a breakup song,” in the words of the man behind the music.

The lyrics explore pure emotion, supported by a textured composition – something that generally gives life to Boniface’s music. Perhaps more electro-based than his previous work, ‘Fumbling’ hits all the right notes and leaves us fumbling for the replay button.

‘Fumbling’ is out now via Transgressive Records. Boniface headline London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on Wednesday 7th November – tickets are available here.

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