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TRACK OF THE DAY: Martha Hill – ‘Wallflower’

Telling a story discussing conformity and social anxiety, ‘Wallflower’ is a personal, heartfelt commentary; Martha Hill gives impactful, honest lyrics, bluesy guitar riffs, and her soulful, husky vocals, and they are a breath of fresh air. 

Following the release of her infectious track ‘Spiders,’ Martha Hill has once again created an intricately formed song commenting on real life situations.

Explaining the story of ‘Wallflower,’ Martha Hill says: “Wallflower is a tongue in cheek song about how every person is made up of many different characters that they invent for themselves.

‘Wallflower’ is the perfect track to introduce the new season – creating a warm, upbeat cleverly constructed story to welcome the colder, winter nights.

‘Wallflower’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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