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TRACK OF THE DAY: Rosie Carney – ‘Thousand’ (Feat. Lisa Hannigan)

Rosie Carney is no stranger to eloquently crafted, expressive music which gets under the emotions and explores them – even those which can be difficult. As we heard in an earlier track – ‘Bare’ – her approach often shares the accumulation of experience over time, so giving the listener not just sound, but a sensation. Her latest track, ‘Thousand’, featuring Lisa Hannigan, certainly does this.

What particularly punctuates ‘Thousand’ as a piece of music, is the addition of whistling as a kind of percussive element, very much moulding a tactile, telling quality from the beginning – which I love.

Then the lyrics lure us in further, with Carney’s signature stunning vocal, closely recorded so that the tone resonates: “She sings sweet things/ to the ones that take her home.” Here the internal rhyme and gentle alliteration – working with the bones of the words themselves – roll out a distinct personal picture, as Carney says of the track:

The past few years have been quite a struggle for my family, my mum especially. She’s currently a full-time caregiver for my grandmother (her mother) who is sadly suffering severely with dementia, and has been for quite a while now. We call it the long goodbye as every day a little piece of her leaves us. It’s hard to witness a woman that was once so strong be as vulnerable as a child, but even throughout this struggle, kindness and love have never been absent.

Featuring the flowing harmonies of Carney’s musical idol, Lisa Hannigan, this makes the track all the more meaningful. It develops still with tactful half-rhymes like “after the laughter,” the aforementioned harmonies gently heating up and building, as a steady drum also slips in.

It is clear that the voluminous vocal centre is the track’s key body, but what must be noted is that the music moulds and shifts with skill to accentuate the sheer emotion of this. I particularly like how the billow of a bass and cello builds in layers, adding mood and texture.

In this listening experience, we are also treated to a slight change of tone, as an ethereal kind of interlude incorporates the question, “Will it be this way tomorrow?“, bringing in themes of uncertainty and yet also a tentative hope. And it is this hope which is held and raised – with resonance – as the track develops into the declaration: “Love please surround me/I know I’ve got more to give,” underlined by strings.

‘Thousand’ is a track capturing emotional highs and lows and creating an enchanting soundscape out of them, which through vocal power and tactful instrumentation, still succeeds to send us out on a reflective high. Recommended.

The new single ‘Thousand’ is out now on Akira Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Rosie Carney’s upcoming live dates are, as follows:

Oct 23rd – National Concert Hall, Dublin
Oct 25th – AB Club, Brussels 
Nov 5th – Roode Bioscope, Amsterdam 
Nov 7th – FZW, Dortmund (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 8th – Urban Spree, Berlin (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 9th – Happel & Ettich, Munich (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 11th – Royal, Baden (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 12th – Salzhaus, Winterthur (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 15th – Oslo, London (Supporting Phoria)
Nov 16th – Rough Trade, Bristol (Supporting Phoria)

Photo Credit: Daniel Alexander Harris

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