EP REVIEW: Seafret – ‘Monsters’

Our favorite boys from Bridlington are back after a two year hiatus with a brand new, shiny EP in anticipation of a second album. Tantalizingly mystic, Seafret emerges from the rolling fog of creative cultivation with the four track collection titled Monsters. With Jack Sedman & Harry Draper always at the helm, this new EP was produced and co-written with Ross Hamilton at Rocket Science Recording Studios in Glasgow. Released on September 7th, history repeats itself as Monsters continues to excite us over the talented duo and their musical output.

Always emotionally founded, their music searches and seeks out both the dark and light corners of the heart and mind. Monsters is a progressive EP, sometimes a shouting veracity and other times only a whisper – a special trait of Seafret’s music, it would seem. As their third EP release, with a debut album in between and a second on the way, Sedman and Draper have nicely grown into their own. Monsters is full of strong beats and solid rhythms, confident in a new way. Tapping into something primal and darker than their early work, they have gone all in.

Title track ‘Monsters’ is raw in a different way than we are used to, befitting of the EP in its entirety. The sound is bigger and more shapely, exchanging the quiet and contemplative for a sultry edge that perhaps stems from their bluegrass and punk roots. “Say I ain’t afraid of nothing / Everybody’s scared of something” – as Sedman shouts at the monsters in his head, with a gritty underlying vocal to shore up the extra layer of fear and emotion, Draper picks out a brooding rhythm.

Backing the power of ‘Monsters’, their first single release from the collection, ‘Can’t Look Away’, follows in a lighter step, emerging from the dark corners of the room. There is something hopeful that resonates in the songwriting – “I’ve been looking at you and it feels like I’ve been staring at the sun.” It is visceral and bright. And a sound line of adrenaline tightens its grip on the listener as the chorus bursts into life before dispersing into steady verse, as if Seafret know just where they belong.

Following suit, new track ‘Bad Blood’ sits comfortably in the pocket of the EP. A bit bluesy in melody, a full and wholesome sound comes from the composition. Just like its predecessor, there is a hopeful tone to the overlayed vocals and bright guitar riff that plays softly in background. Accompanied by a soaring cadence and a present beat,  ‘Bad Blood’ plays something like a promise – “We got something so good / Let’s leave behind the bad blood”.

And to wrap up the emotion, fourth number ‘Heartless’ appeals to the more acoustic and soft spoken side of the duo. Reminiscent of their earlier work, drawing out the melancholy with which we are familiar, ‘Heartless’ is a strong finish to another successful EP. Stripped in places and with a beautiful melody, it’s as if the track is alive and swelling at the chorus. Sedman’s telling vocals are cured by a delicate guitar fingering that makes us feel as if we again missed the morning.

Seafret’s new EP Monsters is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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