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TRACK OF THE DAY: WOOZE – ‘Party Without Ya’

Singers and bands with an artistic sensibility and a clearly defined aesthetic have been the cornerstone of the British music scene for years – frequently making the most interesting, creative and downright dancefloor-friendly tunes.

Draw a line from Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno in Roxy Music, through Adam Ant to Britpop heroes Jarvis Cocker and Graham Coxon, and a background in the art world has been the stepping stone to music success for countless performers.

Now, emerging from Brixton’s artist-led Muddy Yard Collective, are WOOZE with their second single that comes on like the unholy offspring of an MGMT meets Sparks union.

Already feeling the love from the likes of Radio 1, the Line of Best Fit and Clash thanks to their debut offering Hello You Can Go, the Korean/British duo follow it up with a song they describe as ‘the introvert’s party anthem’. Not that only introverts will find it an anthem. Its infectious electro-washed grooves are likely to find a much wider audience than just the alienated and detached.

And its accompanying Jumanji-inspired video by K-Pop director Nuri Jeong filmed in Seoul, adds another intriguing glimpse into the band’s surreal world.

The new single ‘Party Without Ya’ is out now on Young Poet Records – Stream/Purchase here.

Find WOOZE on Facebook and Twitter.

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