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TRACK OF THE DAY: Holly Redford Jones – ‘Big Blue Sky’

Big Blue Sky’ by Holly Redford Jones is a wistful song with a languid, jazzy feel. It lies in a distinctive sound world with hints of Norah Jones and Kevin Morby in style.

A moody guitar sound opens up, filtering in and out of the foreground. As the music unfolds further, other sounds are introduced such as twinkling piano and luscious pedal steel giving the song a more wispy and mellow feel. Holly explains that even the ‘big blue sky’ can be ‘unhelpful’…’if you’re feeling lost,’ nevertheless “the song is about letting go of expectation and embracing uncertainty and doubt.”

The lo-fi drum sound is really effective and gives a regular pulse throughout the song. Holly’s vocal is close and confessional in the opening line, “We’ve all done things that we can never take back – I know I have.” It is as though a friend is opening up, as the song goes on we are drawn further into Holly’s world where we “can find the big blue sky.”

With an air of melancholy, ‘Big Blue Sky’ is a thoughtful and personal song. It was recorded in Nashville and is the first instalment of Holly’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP which will be released in December.

‘Big Blue Sky’ is out now – available to purchase on Bandcamp here.

Find Holly Redford Jones on Facebook and Twitter.

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