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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Family Chain – ‘Catholic’

Fragile power – that’s what I think best describes Brighton band The Family Chain’s new release ‘Catholic. The vocal delivery is strong yet wounded, filled with emotion but restrained, matching perfectly with the story of fear and rejection contained in the relatively short lyrics. It’s a story that many people in our progressively more secular society can relate to, casting off religious or other social inheritances and trying to craft their own identity.

According to the band themselves, the concept for the song, and it’s tagline “I don’t want to be a catholic anymore…” came from a conversation overheard by the vocalist in Brighton’s very own Level Park – a testament to his own and Brighton’s never ending stream of creativity.

The track itself mirrors the themes of the lyrics with divine guitars and vocals introducing the track, pushed further by the marching rhythm of the bass and drums. Contrast that with the explosive yet, at least on my reading, restrained chorus section, one can imagine the internal battle between faith and rebellion being recreated in the music. The Family Chain’s decision to record live with Theo Verney at Church Road Studios works wonders with the sound, adding to the spacious serenity of the verse and the heat of the chorus. I like to think that the track ending with the chorus signifies a win for the protagonist. Perhaps they should reach out to their muse and see what she has to say.

The Family Chain will be joining Animal House on 20th July for a gig at Brighton’s Green Door Store. More details on the event can be found here.

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