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TRACK OF THE DAY: Night Flight – ‘God Knows’

Off the back of a great set at this year’s Live At Leeds, Night Flight return with an excellent new single, combining all the charm of their previous material with a grungier instrumentation that’s perfectly primed for the wide arenas of this summer’s festival season. ‘God Knows’ opens with the band’s’ typical immediacy and intimacy, and quickly establishes a firm, robust groove that’s simple yet propulsive.

As always with the band’s material, the standout of the song is the vocal delivery. The cheekiness of the slight lift at the end of the lyric ‘I remember you’ is just damn charming, and contrasts wonderfully with the overtly sad tone of the thematic content. And the content is indeed sad. Once again, Night Flight embrace the theme of abandonment in the face of turmoil. Much like Death Rattle and Departure, the song makes comparisons that whilst not always the most original, certainly encapsulate the key ideas. They do this with real delicacy and care, and it’s hard not to pace the room and soak in the words.

Brilliant also is the instrumentation, and the production shines in particular. Guitars are crunchy but not intrusive, there’s a tasteful use of slide throughout, and some great stylistic choices, with the drums becoming muddied by cutting the high frequencies during the breakdown, which brings out the wobbly synths and slightly distorted backing vocals that bring home the message of falling and insignificance. It’s as if the band shifted the dirt around to give the important parts in a given section more grit, and it works wonderfully.

Overall, this is a fabulous and infectious track with slick, elegant production, incandescent vocals and biting emotional punch. A worthy edition in the band’s expanding collection of material, and a track I can see as being a turning point in their future live sets.

‘God Knows’ features on Night Flight’s forthcoming ‘Carousel’ EP out 20th July on CRC Records.

Photo Credit: Daniel Alexander Harris

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