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TRACK OF THE DAY: Good Guy Clarence – ‘Yell’

After a sustained period of performing alongside bands such as Happyness, Holy Bouncer and Demob Happy, Brighton’s Good Guy Clarence have emerged from the studio with a brand new track, which showcases the group’s quietly dexterous and highly imaginative approach to song-writing.

Combining the loose harmonies of Fleet Foxes with the subtle discordancy of Pavement, ‘Yell’ is a guitar-driven experimental joy. The track negates an obvious entry point for the listener, favouring to play out like a succession of sonic doorways. From one room to the next, Good Guy Clarence consistently confound the listener’s expectations of what a guitar band can do. ‘Yell’ shifts from math-rock synchronicity to the low swing of fuzz-soaked grunge with an ease owed to the band’s impressive dynamic control.

Whilst the glistening, intricately composed guitar lines and warm vocals allow for ‘Yell’ to take on a degree of accessibility, Good Guy Clarence avoid giving their listeners instant sonic gratification. Rather, the song’s experimental structure demands re-listens on an abiding basis. ‘Yell’ asks the listener a question, which it never truly answers. And I suppose, for myself at least, that’s half the joy of this blissfully chaotic piece of music.

‘Yell’ will be released on limited edition jade green cassette, alongside B-Side ‘Square Eyes’, via Woyera Records on May 11th. 

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